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HELP: 1939 Plymouth wiring up O/D transmission kick down switch


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So I am trying to wire up the OD unit right now and my question on the directions George Asche sent me show the wires going to the IGNITION COIL and IGNITION SWITCH. 


HOWEVER: the directions do not say which side to connect the green and black wire on the Ignition coil or which side to connect the red and black wire on the ignition switch. 


Do these connections from the Relay matter or can they be connected to either sides? 


EXAMPLE: one side of the ignition is from the power distribution and the other is connected to the coil. PLEASE HELP. 


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Do you have the original relay for the OverDrive unit (I ask because they are more complicated than meets the eye); does the OverDrive Solenoid have 2 insulated terminals, one that would pull it 'In' and another to pull it 'Out'?  Any other devices such as vacuum switch or Overdrive Governor involved?  A picture of the relay without the cover would be helpful, some of them look like double throw but aren't.

Once we know what you have we can walk you thru it.  Maybe.

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That looks like a vacuum switch, it has 2 terminals? That looks like a hose nipple that would connect to the intake manifold.  The solenoid is bolted to the overdrive unit.

Heres a pic of the one I just did, the vacuum switch is to the right, the hose comes into the bottom, one blue wire from it goes to the coil, the other blue can be seen terminating at the bottom of the relay.

Can you show a pic of your relay and the device that could be a vacuum switch and remove the covers so we can see the reminals?

I am a little uncomfortable here, I don't want to be confusing things, if you think you have a handle on it just say so, won't hurt my feelings at all, ok?



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