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64 Riviera A/C conversation


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I have procrastinated putting a new refrigeration unit into my car long enough.  Does anyone have any recommendations and suggestions on makes and models that you have experienced?  I know Vintage Air always comes up but from my personal experience I have talked directly with them at SEMA and on the phone 4 or 5 times and I have yet found anyone there that really knew about directly about the units.  They are glued together and you cannot get inside or see anything.  All I am ever told is look then on the web site which I find useless and not completely helpful.    Any input and experience at you may of had would certainly be helpful  with other suppliers.  Also with controls and duck ideas.  

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When you contact them, ask them how many commitments it would take for them to design a unit expressly for the 1st generation Riviera, and how can the OE heater - a/c controls be adapted to it (or one of their universal units?) 

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The reason I bought Vintage Air is because following Texriv63 instructions, it looks like it is factory installed. And it handles the Texas Heat just find. Do some searches on this forum for Vintage Air and see what you can do.

Here is the link.    


PS. I am now putting a bigger Vintage Air unit in my 1960 Electra for the reasons listed above.

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