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1962 Pontiac Tempest 4-door - $2500 - Sayville, NY - Not Mine

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1962 Pontiac Tempest 4-door - $2500 - Sayville, NY


Don’t have the time to maintain this thing anymore, it deserves better.  White/Blue exterior, blue interior. Radio works, all lights interior/exterior work. Comfy adjustable seats. Spare vent windows included  Engine is OK, timing is a bit off, needs some work on the weather protection on the passenger side. Engine doesn’t start in current condition but is fine to drive after that is fixed. Cannot be parked on a steep slope (parking brake is weak). Paint generally good but beginning to peel and rust a bit, probably a cheap fix. Aside from these issues it has no problems. Text me for more pictures/information.

Contact:  Tyler   (631) 8-seven-5-6-one-4-five

Copy and paste in your email:  d1463415ce9b30859d848e6bec0339b2@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1962 Pontiac Tempest four door sedan.

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY a.jpg

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY c.jpg

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY b.jpg

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY e.jpg

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY f.jpg

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY g.jpg

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY h.jpg

'62 Pontiac Tempest LINY i.jpg

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