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Made a Studebaker flag!


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Howdy everyone! Out of boredom, and because one of my areas of interest is vexillology, I decided to make a Studebaker flag. I put a good deal of effort into its design, with every detail having meaning, so here's the full list behind it.

- Red, white, and blue colors = the American nationality of the Studebaker Corp. and most of its admirers.
- Border = the edges of the Earth, the foreign lands where Studebaker has had an impact.
- Saltire = Studebaker's far-reaching influence.
- Diamond = reference to baseball, which both helped to build up America and was hugely supported by the Studebaker family.
- Iron Cross (x2) = German ancestry of the original Studebakers. One cross is for J. M. Studebaker and the other is for Clement Studebaker, the two most important members in my view.
- Lazy S = most prominent logo of the Corp. proper.





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