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It may be time to thin the herd...or eliminate it....

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Hey guys...been a while since I posted. Thinking about getting rid of one, or maybe both of my TCs  :(

I have a '90 White TC 3.0 w/black interior.
The Good: body is solid, paint is good, interior is clean has the original tool kit and I customized the umbrella so it has a TC shift knob for the umbrella handle

The bad: The entire Teves brake system needs to be replaced. The electric pump motor is seized, and the accumulator should probably be replaced too. The motor burns a little oil but she is still a strong runner. I replaced the stereo and upgraded  the entire sound system but still have the original stereo. Convertible top has some issues with the rear window armature. Not sure what her value is but I know there are a LOT of good clean interior parts. Needs tires


Also have a 91 Cabernet/Burgundy TC 2.2 Turbo.

The good: VERY clean/solid body, Miles under 60k, interior is clean as well. has origial tool kit and umbrella

The bad: Accumulator needs to be replaced, I think the convertible top has a small hole from mice years ago, driver side caliper needs replaced, will need tires.

Again, not sure of value.... guess it depends on how badly some one wants it...lol


I would say I am more motivated to get rid of the White 90, I just don't have the time or desire to replace the entire Teves system. I might be able to motivate myself to replace the accumulator on the 89' but with having spent the last 5 years with completing the building a new home, a pole barn, and all the associated landscaping and maintenance, my motivational bank account is getting low on funds! lol  If anyone is interested you can message me here or email me at: MBsTCs@hotmail.com   email is probably the quickest way to contact me.

Here's a link to photos of both cars https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPEcA5D


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