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Indian Motorcycle 1930 1940's sidecar wheels and fenders ?

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Indian Motorcycle 1930 1940's sidecar wheels and fenders ?


While this site is devoted to cars,  not motorcycles, and especially not boats, please read on. 

I spotted an old trailer that looked to be made from motorcycle parts in 2002 while doing a construction job in Lamoine, Maine;  which is just across the bay from Bar Harbor. Eventually I met the owner, who told me that it was a trailer for a tender for a Herreschoff yacht (which were abundant in Bar Harbor before the 1947 fire ).  In response to my offer, he had no interest in selling it, or giving any more information about its origin.

Four days ago, I got a call form an antique dealer to whom I had mentioned it to back then. The man who I talked to in 2002 had sold the property, and the mysterious Herreschoff trailer  had been sent to a nearby junkyard; from whence we rescued it.

Now, since Herreschoff was in Rhode Island, I suspect that the parts for this trailer were sourced from Indian, in Massachusetts. I am not even sure if it was built by Herreschoff, but it looks to be professionally manufactured.

Anyway, the fenders look like they would have been for a sidecar. They are about 6 1/2 inches wide by 34 inches long. The wheels are 18 inches in diameter.
Tires;  One is marked MICHELIN 4.00  S 18
The other is marked IRC in diamond, INOUE  GRAND HIGH SPEED   4.00 H 18 4 P.R.
Springs are 1 1/4 inch wide, and 40 inches from center of the two "eyes".
Distance from center of each spring on axle is 47 inches.
Did Indian even make a trailer style axle, or would this have been made up from 2 sidecar axles?


Pictures 1 and 2 are as it was retrieved from the junkyard; Picture 3 is after disassembly and a little hammer work.

IMG_0398 700 hi.JPG

IMG_0403 (2) 600 hi.JPG

IMG_0408 (2) 600 hi.JPG

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The brochure was just an example of it possibly being a factory axle. I believe the fender to be around 1948/49 imo...


I'm more of a Dodge truck guy.. Hopefully one of the true Indian experts can chime in on the fender to help you pinpoint it more precisely.

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