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Looking at a 1925 116 ADVISE ??

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Looking at a 1925 Dodge 116 touring car. Its a little  messy, paints flat and kind of  shot with a cheap secondary sprayover i believe. but body seams straight as an arrow, wheels are reported to be VERY nice, tops decent...interior is rough but, thats what blankets are for. It runs and moves under its own power, P O just got it running and had other projects. I had a much smaller car thats now gone (1916) so I am thinking I will like this as being more (STURDY) ?? Opinions on the 116 appreciated ,  I just dont know that much about early dodge products. 

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I have owned  a 1921 DB touring (114" Wheelbase) and a 1924 DB business coupe (116" Wheelbase).  The longer wheelbase yields a smoother ride.  In my opinion, all the early Dodge Brothers products are "dependable," sturdy, and generally great old cars.  And, hey, after 95 years, who has perfect paint or interior?  I would be proud to be the owner of a 1925 Dodge Brothers vehicle.  "It runs and moves under its own power?"  I can hardly do that myself, and I am much younger than 95  years!

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