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37 DB 1/2 ton fuel tank fill neck wanted

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Would anyone have an otherwise junk fuel tank they would cut the fill neck off of so I could solder it onto the pictured tank? 

I would like several inches of metal beyond the solder joint remaining for trimming and fitting purposes. 


Also what is the thread at the pickup tube? 

Thanks.     John



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Sorry my miss interpretation . I just measure mine it is 1/8 NPT not 1/4 . it was forced to deep by PO and cracked so weeps now even with tape . 

45 minutes ago, johnworden1 said:

Drain hole not fuel pick up tube. Pick up tube is flared. Drain hole is not flared and 2/3 threads deep. 


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Problem solved. I was trying an SAE bolt I thought was 1/2"- 20    It wouldn't go.  It was metric.   A 1/2-20  bolt fits perfectly.   I should be able to find a suitable drain plug with that thread.     Thanks for the suggestions.     John

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