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Unapologetically showing off my 33K mile '35 Dodge DU convertible coupe.   It took a while to recommission the car to roadworthy after sitting on blocks in a NY carriage house for 25 years and then had very minimal use with the original family's grandson.  Still factory paint, chrome, interior.   New top, tires (Auburn radials) and miscellaneous rubber bushings and replaceables like spark plugs and brake maintenance of course.

For the curious, those are '36 Dodge optional wheel discs around the original hubcaps on the artillery wheels.   It is believed the original owner, NY banker Carl Jacob Schmidlapp probably bought them when in for an early service visit when the '36 models had appeared.   This was CS's weekend golf car to go to his golf course on Long Island and was maintained by the chauffeur he employed for his "work car" limousine to go to the bank every day.



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Still, the more you post the more I get all fired up hoping to one day get my 36 Dodge four door on the road. I’ve always like the four door cars I bought one but didn’t know they could have came with dual side mounts so I found a real solid and very nice one, I just had to have side mounts. So keep posting that Beauty and I’ll keep my dream alive. Thanks 

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Thanks all y'all for your kind comments.  First credit should go to the original owner and his chauffeur, then his daughter who felt "dad's" memory so dear as to keep his car, then the grandson, Andrew Humes, who had to struggle with siblings to wrest the car away from those who weren't interested because he knew it would live on best in his hands.   And Andrew, eventually recognizing the need for a new caretaker of the prize, contacted Eric Killorin of Olympic Cars brokerage as well as being a CCCA judge.   Eric, not being overly familiar with earlier Dodges and knowing my Chrysler proclivities, sent me a few pictures and words asking for help appraising the market for the car.  I asked for more pics, more info!   Then said Eric,  "I'M INTERESTED, look no further".


Its just a survivor with an "oily rag" makeover using a lot of elbow grease. 


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