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Do you know Donald R. Peterson?


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May I ask a personal favor from those of you who know Donald R. Peterson... Antique Automobile editor West Peterson's father and one of the grand old men of the classic car hobby (an almost 70-year member of AACA and CCCA and a participant on 77 or 78 of the CCCA CARavan tours, the most in club history, among many other achievements)?


Don, who turned 91 on April 1, fell in late June and broke his hip. While he was recovering at home in Roswell, Georgia, his wife Edie fell and broke her hip in four places.


Currently, they're both in rehab in Marietta, Georgia, happily in the same room. They cannot receive visitors under the current pandemic restrictions and phone calls are somewhat difficult for several reasons.


I'm asking for you to participate in a 'shower of cards' containing cheerful get-well messages of encouragement to this fine gentleman and his wife Edie. A big bag of mail from people they know would cheer them up immensely. 


The address of their rehab facility is:


A. G. Rhodes Home

900 Wylie Rd SE

Marietta, GA 30067. 


Thank you for your consideration.


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The Petersons have been a foundation of the old car hobby for my entire lifetime. Over the years I have gotten to know them well from CCCA CARavans and all the shows and tours. Of course, Hershey was always another place to meet up and talk cars. All the Petersons have the familiar “family” smile. 


Best wishes for a quick and full recovery from me and my family.


Ed Minnie.

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13 hours ago, 46 woodie said:

gwells, why don't you try to organize a "drive by" of antique car's to cheer them up. I would suspect there might be a lot of antiques in the area and I'm sure you can get a lot of participation.




First, thank you for the thoughtful gesture, and I do hope that they get many messages.


In regards to a drive-by, the only way he would be able to view such a sight would be to wheel him outside (which they would do). However, he is in extreme pain when sitting in a wheelchair, and so that prevents us from even visiting him.


I'm heading down to Atlanta today, but it will be a quick trip as I come back tomorrow. I'm hoping to return in September, but even then visitation may be limited.

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18 minutes ago, West Peterson said:

... I do hope that they get many messages.


I've communicated privately with many of our common friends and there is no doubt at all that they will receive a 'shower of cards.'

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