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Speakers for Reatta


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I hope someone out there can lend some credible authoritative comments to the speaker question. I changed out the front speakers on my 89 Reatta using 4 ohm aftermarket speakers. The rear speakers are 10 ohm and the fellow at the audio store said I had to stay with 10 ohm in the rear.

A couple of weeks ago I posted and someone wrote back saying it makes no difference and even appended a graph that I, quite frankly, am too electronically challenged to understand, but it sounded good to me. Then last week I saw a post stating that if you change the front 5 1/2 inch speakers, you also had to change the tweeters. Please help!

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Speaker impedance (4 ohm, 10 ohm) relates to the loading on the amplifier however unless you run at max volume all the time it does not make much difference.

Delco really makes very good amplifiers, with cheap ones distortion could result from mismatching however I have not noticed any.

If you replace the one-way door 5.25" speakers with 2-way than you just changed things again since the small door speakers are separate tweeters. Most likly you will have to bias the balance to the front & may have to adjust the equalization to restore proper separation.

Having been hearing impaired for 30 years, am probably not the right person to ask but think this is the main difference.

Did replace my door speakers (cones had disintegrated) with Jensen 2-way 5.25" and had to bias the front/rear balance one notch to the front but do not know what it was supposed to sound like so cannot compare.

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Thanks for the info. I am still playing with mine trying to get decent sound from the radio. Did find speakers in the doors were shot causing some of the noise. Also the FM stations appear weak and have almost no AM. I suspect maybe an antenna problem also. Strangely enough the radio in my 90 is better, but still really weak on the AM side.

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