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1961 Oldsmobile Starfire - CT - Not Mine - 8/1 Price Reduced

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For Sale on Craigslist:  1961 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible in Easton, CT  -  $48,000  -  Please call Jim at 203  339  5590


                                                                                On 8/1, Seller reduced price to $46,000


Link:  https://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/d/easton-1961-oldsmobile-starfire/7157175598.html


Seller's Description:

1961 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible

  • 394 cubic inch factory high performance engine
  • Red and white, two-tone leather interior (all original)
  • Power windows
  • 4 new tires
  • Has been in storage for many years
  • 82,366 miles
  • title status: missing

If interested or for more information please call Jim at 203 339  5590. Serious inquiries only.























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Interior looks nice.  That red is a repaint of a white car,  though it looks fairly well done.  Doesn't look to be a runner as it sits with the blocks in front of the wheels.  No title as well.  For 48 in today's market,  I think it's going to be for sale for a while.  As a turn key car that can be driven anywhere I would guess 40 is probably close to the top of the market. 


I would expect a even a 40 G car to look much nicer under the hood. 

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Despite the wording of the ad, the car no longer has anything close to its original interior.

Four monochromatic interiors were available on the '61 Starfire: red, blue, silver, and fawn.  That's all.

The correct all-red interior is much more subdued than the shiny red & white pastiche seen here.

Furthermore, the car has the wrong steering wheel, wrong turn signal stalk, and may well have the wrong column.

While red was a common exterior color on the Starfire, Olds only offered one shade of red in '61, and this isn't it.

All this for $48K and no title.

Hopefully the seller likes the car a lot, as he will be looking at it for a very long time...

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Just like on the Hamb, some people here just don't know that on posting a C/L ad form, you must click one of their options on "title status", and there are few choices.. like > clear, or missing!


The other thing many internet experts don't know is that you cannot get a freaking title on older cars registered in CT, the only way it could possibly have one is if the seller owned it for many, many decades... back when CT did issue titles on older cars..


When I used to list on C/L, I always typed right up front that "Connecticut is a non-title state, and I don't have one and cannot get one" yet some pinheads still would ask if it has a clear title. 


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Many states do issue titles on old vehicles,  even if CT doesn't if the box clicked says missing,  I would darn well add it in my listing that I have the required transferrable documents to register it in any state on hand.  Big difference between missing title (usually meaning I have nothing to sell it with for paperwork) and I don't have a title because cars this old were not issued titles in my state.  NY doesn't title this old but places like CA and PA do and in some of those states it's a huge issue if you have nothing which missing usually means that. People from relatively small states should know even on Craigslist,  there is a good chance someone from atleast a neighboring state may be interested and may not know the particular registration laws of that state.  Especially non seasoned collectors which is the only person that may be seriously interested in an overpriced car.

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In my state, a "missing" title is pretty easy to fix, unless it was lost by a previous owner who has passed away. A seller who wants to get 46k for that car should be doing backflips to get a good title for the potential buyers...and doing all of that before he lists the car for sale.

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