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Hello everyone.  Hadn't posted in years as I had previously attempted to help my uncle purchase a '65 Riviera back in '13.  But finally I was able to get my hands on my very own '64 Riviera this weekend!  As this is my first foray into the golden age of vehicles, I definitely have lots to learn and look forward to speaking with all of your gurus!!  


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You came to the right place..............There are plenty of knowledgably Buick people here and also in the Dallas area.

Near the bottom of the Buick section on the AACA site is a forum dedicated to the Riviera so there are more specific resources there.

keep us posted on the progress you are making on the Riviera

PS I do not own a Riviera....and I live 200 miles down I-35  so I would not be much help

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