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Door Identification? 1930s? estate

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I friend of mine is looking to purchase a car from an estate, he believes these doors are part of the car, I do not think they are correct.  If anybody has any ideas what they are from?




this top mechanism was also with the parts, might be from the same car?  the adjustable braces are interesting, thinking it might be European?




Thank you for the help,

Graham Man

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The estate is trying to sell a big pile of parts, they assume is a single car.  I have identified a pile of Graham parts, mixed in mostly 1932 and 1933 Graham, but not even close to a complete car.  I know these parts are not Graham parts just wanted to give my friend a heads up.  The bad part is most likely these parts will end up with the scrap man, not being a complete car.  This is one of those cases I hope they just list the parts on ebay.  There is a set of NOS 1933 Graham front fenders that should be on a car, but even shipping would be huge money.

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There is a red 1933 Graham sedan that shows up sometimes in Seattle at the Greenwood Car Show. So beautiful. If your people are thinking scrapyard, I’m thinking road trip. These parts belong to such great cars. Somebody’s out there looking!

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