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1929 Model 75 Chrysler Starter and Generator Tag

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Who makes the correct starter generator tag for a 1929 Model 75. Internet search comes up with later style and early Canadian ones.  Need one that is correct for a high point restoration.  I have seen them before but just cant remember who made them.

starter tag.jpg

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Google is your friend but remember you are not looking for a "Chrysler" part.  They did not make starters and generators in this era.  Delco-Remy was the manufacturer.

A quick .37 second search came up with  these and many more.





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Thanks for everyone's suggestions, I looked at the ones from Classic & Exotics and the others listed, but the tags are a little different with Dayton Oh missing on top. I have seen a reproduction tag that is well made and correct, but just cant remember where.

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