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Rust protection for our old cooling systems


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Just one more opinion on the subject. I use Evans coolant on my 53 MGTD. English technology being what is was back in the day, it is pretty much the same as an American  prewar car.  I used it because the engine in my TD is modified a bit and it tends to run hot on warm Summer days. The effect of that has been blown head gaskets following long tours or travels . My thought was that the coolant passages  were small, and corrosion over the years were acting a bit like hardening of the Arties in people, and restricting the water flow.  The use of a thermal heat detector proved that I was increasing the temperature above the boiling point of a water / antifreeze combination at times in that part of the engine. One we vaporize the mix, we lose flow and  possibly cause head gasket failure. 

I installed Evans and so far (three years) , I have not had any head gasket issues. I am not saying this is the best solution for everybody, but It has worked well for me. none of my Buicks are giving me any problem ,so I have not switched those out yet.

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All this coolant knowledge makes my head hurt. On my 1929 Buick I cleaned the system as best as I could. After this my coolant circulated so fast that it foamed out of the radiator. I put an inline thermostat in the system, it completely cured the foaming over.

For coolant I use 2 gallons of full strength Peak or Prestone anti freeze. I also use a coolant conditioner that is used in almost all commercial diesel engine cooling systems. I use the Fleetguard branded product. I think it is all produced by Nalco , regardless of the packaged brand.I have seen inside diesel engines 15-20 years old that used this product from day 1 . There is no corrosion of any sort when properly used. Not even any browning of ferrous metals. I drain and flush every 3-4 years and refill. Its not expensive or exotic. The coolant conditioner really helps. Careful it can be overdosed. Ebay item number is 143765646265. It is available at almost any heavy truck parts counter and NAPA.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
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Because the boiling point of Evans is 375, you get no early warning (boil-over) if the engine overheats. So I'm trying this oven thermometer, only cost around $50. It's designed to measure the inside temp of a turkey or ham or whatever, comes with 4 probes but the central unit can handle 6. I'm using only 1, to measure the temperature of the coolant return pipe. The unit has a strong magnet so it sticks firmly to the dashboard. I used a hose clamp to hold it to the pipe, with a piece of thick paper gasket material wrapped around the pipe twice. I put the probe in between the 2 layers of paper, the upper layer directs the heat to the probe, the lower layer is to protect the fragile pipe.






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