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1920 Briscoe engine

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I have the photos. Will post next week while  at my office. The owner has now agreed to give the motor to anyone that will pick it up for free! It’s in Ontario as per the thread above. I’m waiting for more contact info to post. Motor says BRISCOE on the side in raised letters and is 3 3/8 bore x 5 stroke. If you send me your email address to my email address I will forward you the two photos today and maybe you can post them. Let’s save this engine ! Thanks George Albright  it’s a little rough but mostly complete. Definitely worth saving! 


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From Jim: "  the stamped date on block indicates that on the 21st of this month  this engine will be 100 yrs old, there is no plate or numbers to indicate serial or whatever, I have had this engine  apart . the carb and   distributor  are not on engine as I took them off, both could be  rebuilt, the dist only needs a set of cap clips and tlc, the carb needs a new bowl  and lots of tlc,  internally the bearings look quite good but one wrist pin needs to be freed up and the   pinch bolt on that same  connecting rod is stripped, all the valves  are there but should be replaced and  the seats need to be redone, the cylinders need to be  machined  but the rings are all free now . piston is 3 3/8" dia and stroke  I take to be 5" "

From George: "1917-20 was a 24 HP motor. Final year 1921 was a 35 HP motor. Year of motor unknown. Appears to have a 3 3/8 bore and 5 stroke. Please cut and paste the owners info below with the photos . He is 50 miles north of the US border . I will email the name of town in a minute to add to the posting. Put a new posting as Free 1917-21 Briscoe engine. Must pickup in Ontario. "

" Motor is  located in village of Thessalon. 50 miles from the border.On Google maps the nearest large place would be Sault Sainte Marie  Ont which is a  cross border twin to Sault Sainte Marie Mi and I am about 1hr east of there., "



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24 minutes ago, George Albright said:

Thanks les for posting the above! Everyone Jim has decided the price for the motor is FREE if you come and get it! Please spread the word! Sincerely george 



Can you even cross the border at this time?

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