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WTB Crank pulley for 31 Commander

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If no one comes up with one , I have a parts engine.

It will be awhile before I can get to it because of the intense heat ,Covid and my wife passing away.

It may also help to give a part number because I have a number of N.O.S. pulleys.

Also explain what you need for the distributor.

I have caps and points etc.

Again part numbers will be helpful

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I'm sorry for your loss.  Obviously this isn't a priority for you right now, but thank you for the reply.

My parts manual is a the shop that is working on the car.  Let me get with them next week and get the numbers.


Again... thanks for the reply.

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The parts catalog lists it as a "Vibration Damper".

It's off of my 1931 Commander Model 70.

Engine # is C-728

I believe that the part number is "Type-B" 172451

The number 167060 is stamped into the metal.


I'm also looking for at least 5 Exhaust / Intake Manifold Retailer Clips.  (Pictured Below)

Any help is appreciated.

Vibration Damper - Over View.jpg

Vibration Damper - Side View.jpg

Manifold Retainer Clips.jpg

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