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1969 Riviera window belt reveal removal


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Hopefully someone can help although it's maybe a silly question but I'm stuck and don't want to break anything. According

to the Fisher Body manual chapter exterior moldings, the window belt reveal is one piece and attached with screws. I have lowered the window as described by removing the lover stop but now there are no screws to be seen that I could remove to get the molding off. Anyone an idea how that part can be removed ?

Thanks a lot for any help 


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HP,  welcome to the forum!  You may get some

answers in this category;  but consider also posting

your question in the category "Buick Riviera--Riviera

Owners' Association."  Some very knowledgeable

Riviera owners follow that category, so you're more likely

to get the specific answers there that you need.


Just scroll down the list of topics, and you'll see the

Riviera category among other Buick-related topics.


A friend of mine had a '69 Riviera.  They are nice looking

cars and becoming more popular.  All the best to you

in your search for information.

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