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48 v12 Oil Pan Bolts

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I was going out to buy some bolts & washers for this pan and look into the parts list  for what I need . What they written has me confused.


Here is what is written Page 105 #355368-22   Screw lock washer  assy   spec  hex head.  18or 19


What do they mean regarding spec.?




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You might find some original bolts, I think one of the Ford sites might have old bolts.  I would take one down to a good nut/bolt shop or hardware store and get matching bolts/washers.  I prefer stainless steel bolts, other have argued that it's not original unless you put the exact bolts back on your vehicle.  I don't like the rust most of them have, and I don't know if it makes any difference.  Most of our vehicles will never be formally judged for such things anyway.  Most automotive bolts are SAE fine threads, but easily obtainable.  

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