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Rolls Royce Sued Rollin Motors Company, ca: 1924

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I am researching the Rollin Motors Company of Cleveland, OH, ca: 1922 - 1926.  Apparently, Rolls Royce sued Rollin for trademark infringement about 1923 - 1924.  This is a story I've been told, but I cannot document it.


Do any of the Rolls Royce experts out there know about this?


The image of Rollin's logo comes from a 1923 trade catalogue.


This is part of the book I am writing about the White Steam Car.  Rollin White invented the flash steam generator used in the White Steam Car, then in later life created the Rollin.


Thank you very much.

rollin_motors_company_1923_trade_catalogue_maechanical_p_01 TRADEMARK LOGO.png

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