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When I bought the gasket set there many different gaskets in the set. I have identified the majority of them but need help for these ones.


Here is a photo of the ones in question.



The top piece is made of cork and is 8 x3/4 x1/2. I cannot find it listed any were in the Catalog page #83


The parts list shows 1 #6700   Packing Front Cover 

                                      1 #6700   Oil Pan

I understand that the bottom two pieces are for the above



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No need to answer my post. I found out what I was looking for. Many moons ago I downloaded a Transcribed file by Shirley Hopkins file "The HV=12 Rebuilding Bible"    By Jake Fleming .


On Page #9 first paragraph it says "Install the cork seal on the rear main  bearing cap"  While seeing everything on the bottom is already put together I would take it that this gasket is already been installed

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While reading further into the bible.  Jake mentions to apply sealer only on the pan. I was wondering were would I apply the sealer for the rest of the Gaskets. Example=  Heads, Pumps, &  all Manifolds.?



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You do not need any sealer on most gaskets, the gasket should do the sealing. You should not use any coating on intake and exhaust gaskets. Head gaskets should be installed according to the gasket manufacturers instructions. Some require additional coating in order to seal properly.


Jake said to use a sealer on the pan because it is useful to hold the gasket in place while installing it. I do the same for the water  pumps, sealer on the pump only in order to hold the gasket in place during installation. The sealer that I use for the water pumps and pan gasket is HiTack.

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