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63-65 leftover parts for sale, some new.

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Hello, I have some leftovers from my '63 I sold a while ago.  I'm looking to get $90 for all of it plus shipping.  I think I should be able to get all the parts in 1 or 2 USPS flat rate boxes, otherwise shipping cost will be from 59801.  Ok, here's the list.  I have:


1) complete set of Trim Parts exterior door handles and gaskets.  New, never installed.

1) set of brand new never installed TS 197 Napa brake shoes for the front.

1) new never installed passenger side Soffseal quarter to front glass seal.  My car only needed the driver's side, so this is a leftover.

2) good used front shocks, part number 739087 (I believe these are Gabriels).  Missing some of the upper rubber bushings and washers.  Removed only because I lowered the car.

2) good used rear shocks, part number 739609 (Believed to be Gabriels as well).  Removed only because I lowered the car.

1) lower dash panel cover for driver's side.  I believe it goes over the fuse panel, did not fit my early build '63.  My car was rewired so there was nothing under it when I got it.  It's black, but it would need to be repainted.

1) 4 blade fan.


Take some or take it all, it will be $90 plus shipping and I'll just toss what isn't wanted/needed in the recycle bin.  Scuff plate and rear window trim pictured have already been tossed in the garbage because it wouldn't be worth the shipping cost for you to get them, they were rough.  Give me a call or text at 406-214-5397.  I don't get on here much, so text or call would be your best bet.  Thanks for your time!












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