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Wooden wheel identification


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The hub cap may be Dodge but the rest of the wheel is perhaps "Motor Wheel" or one of the other wheel manufacturers. 

I do not understand how a hub and/or felloe would be different from each other another.

The spokes look like they might be new and if so the photo is showing a space at the end of the spoke that should not be there.  From the photo if this were my wheel and it was newly re-spoked I would want it redone at no charge and certainly would not drive the car on this wheel.

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7 minutes ago, BrianScreenside said:

I am not running them.

Thank goodness.  They might serve on a trailer queen but who would know when someone might go for a drive.  

I am not sure if shrinkage was the problem.  My original (90 year and 500,000 mile) "Jaxon" wheels have the shoulder of the spoke radiused  to the curvature of the felloe.

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