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Starting a Model 20 Hupmobile


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My starting procedure is essentially the same  . However I  never use the  priming cups unless it refuses to start. I normally flood the carb with  the tickler first until gas flows out the bowl  and I open the  carb by about 3/4 turn  until it runs   then close it up . I to have little trouble with the Breeze - Probably  because Stan Howe  rebuilt and adjusted both Phil and  my carbs .  Before  fitting  the correct Breeze  i was running a Holley NH on a butchered manifold

Designed for the  Model T  the carb was  to big  for the little Hup  engine and I could never get a good idle  but  I probably  got  another  5 mph top speed and quicker pick up -But prefer to be original 

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