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1913 Buick, help wanted!

Steve Q

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Purchased a very old restoration ‘13 Buick 1 door rds.from my uncles estate 2 years ago. I was able to get it running this weekend and took it for a short drive tonight (pull started with another vehicle). I have no technical information on the vehicle and am looking for guidance. 
I oiled the obvious places, under caps and In troughs on ball valves on each cylinder.
Which position should these 1/4 turn valves on the cylinders be set to- and when? 
I see a glass ‘jar’ on the inside of the firewall. For lubrication or? If lube, oIl type?

What crankcase oil should I use and approximate capacity?
90w for trans and differential?

Spark is healthy with hand crank, but I couldn’t start it with the crank. Go back with same plugs? Any Crank starting tips?

Remy lever inside firewall. “B” to the left and ? two characters to the right that I can’t make out- maybe RC? Lever is stuck at 6:00 position. Please explain operation and function. 
“Disco” self starter lever next to Remy, self explanatory, lever also stuck of course. There was a square Delco-Remy Gizmo with the car, but not installed. 6v positive ground? Where does starter mount? I don’t see a battery or a place for a battery. Humm. 

Throttle control on steering works fine, but the other lever is disconnected at front of engine. Assume I am missing some bits to complete a choke assembly. Carb presently has wire coming straight out front next to grille.  Or is this spark advance?


How about reputable soft and hard parts suppliers? I hope they have a Brass Buick’s for Dummies book. 
Thanks in advance, Steve Quance, Cypress, TX 


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Crank starting any vehicle.  Do not try to spin the engine, do not wrap your thumb around the crank.

Cold start'....ignition off, gasoline on(if there is an inline shutoff), choke on (in your case the wire coming out the front), transmission in neutral, engage the crank and pull up from 9 o'clock over past 12 o'clock 4 times.  Turn ignition on and pull the engine over again it should start and run roughly until you let the choke off.

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