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Allright, I was a little vague with my original posting. I guess because I'm still not sure what I want to do with this car yet. The car is a '90 coupe, black w/ grey interior. The interior was in good condition except for the headliner which was a work in progress, and of course now it needs an air bag. The front end is damaged. It needs an entire front clip with the core support,radiator and condensor. The left shock tower is pushed back an inch or so, so it will have to be pulled out. The odometer showed about 116,000 miles. I've owned the car only a short time so I don't know about any engine or trans. work, but everything worked exceptionally well. Tires and wheels are in excellent condition. All glass is intact. The doors open, close and seal, so the damage seems to be isolated. I am in the Chicago area. I'm thinking what I have must be worth around $400-$500, but I'm open for offers. I can be contacted at jim@carpenters54.com.

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