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Part Needed: Transmission Shift Control Cable


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The Riviera cables are the same    BUT      these cables are almost impossible to find in good condition.

The problem is the plastic end, at the transmission, gets brittle and almost always breaks when taking it off the lever ball. I recently removed two. The first one broke when removing it. The second one I heated up to soften the plastic and it still broke.

I did then remove a cable from a third parts car, with the lever still attached, and sent it out with the instructions NOT to take the cable off the lever but use the lever along with the cable.

The customer gave the cable with my instructions to his GM dealer  mechanic who did not follow the instructions and removed the cable from the lever and of course it broke.


I am pretty sure I do have another good cable available and will come with the lever.


Oscar, I will send you an email.




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