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1933 1934 Dodge and Plymouth parts

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You might be the man to answer a question, then I'll know what I need.

On the front seat of a 1933 plymouth PC how is it mounted to the floor. I believe allthe mechanism to adjust the seat is missing.

There is a frame that holds the seat and back rest that looks to be bolted to the floor.

There are two steel strips per side on this frame. I can't find any info on this.

Correction 1 side has two steel strios and the has one. 

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On 9/13/2020 at 11:04 AM, 1933moparman said:



^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this box will show in your reply as you quote him^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


I don't know if this will help some of you guys looking for parts from this seller but it may help to click on "QUOTE" on one of moparmans posts so that he gets a notification that someone is responding to his post. (See box above)


A lot of guys don't frequent these forums daily and have no way of knowing someone has responded if they don't visit daily. 

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This Dale in Ks. and Mt. Iam still looking for window register (the hole crank assembly) for both doors on a 1932 Plymouth three window PB coupe, any help would be appreciated. 620 332 49three two. / dale.tharp@gmail.com. Thanks

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