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WANTED - Buick Club of America Porcelain Grille Badge

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Hello all,


I'm currently looking to aquire a grille badge of the Buick Club of America, and have come across older listings for them but haven't been able to aquire one.


If anybody has one I'd love to purchase it from them, and know they can be quite pricey sometimes.




Here is the badge I'm speaking of.post-103850-0-37103400-1457899095_thumb.jpg.44b75917812030b93ad2fcdacbb7ef2e.jpg


Thanks and I hope anyone can help!


Jess Hall


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The minuteman chapter had a smaller version for sale several years ago. If you want the 3 or 3 1/2 one they have not been produced for years. I found mine on eBay and paid over $100. 

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