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Mid 20's Buick Convertible Top Boot Details

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Looking for some details on making a convertible top boot for a 1925 Buick Touring.   Not wanting to break the rear glass and not understanding all of the details in the instructions manual.   This probably spans several years.  Thank you  Hugh


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So it does look like a "durable dot" is a glove fastener.   I have not seen a durable dot on a visor.   I found these in "motors age" from the late teens.    Hugh




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Not finding any durable dots on the underside of any interior visors.  This would be difficult to add now that my top is almost finished anyway.  These photos are of the fastener that Buick used on the side curtains that were behind the doors on the 1924 and up roadsters and touring cars.  Perhaps this is what I should be using.  It really just needs two hooks onto the stayfast covered metal edge.     Hugh



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