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1963 Plymouth Valiant convertible - $8000 - North Royalton, OH - Not Mine

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1963 Plymouth Valiant convertible - $8000 - North Royalton, OH


Perfectly driving Plymouth Valiant convertible. Automatic, convertible top works, Low miles, New tires

Contact: (216) 3-three-3-four-three-7-4

Copy and paste in your email: ea7c7ef533dc3ef0b2f2d99bacbbdb3a@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1963 Plymouth Valiant convertible.

Note: Looks like  a lot of top-down summer fun for not much money.

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH a.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH b.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH c.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH d.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH e.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH f.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH g.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH h.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH i.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH j.jpg

'63 Plymouth Valiant convertible OH k.jpg

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Nice little car BUT.....it looks good at 1st glance. Can you say - overspray,overspray,overspray

There is a bunch of overspray in the engine compartment and on/in the interior , etc. Look closely and it is everywhere - even on the radiator.

If someone is going to "freshen" things up at least either mask off the surrounding areas or remove the parts (where possible) that you don't want to get paint on.

Seems like the freshening was done in a hurry - which raises my alarm antenna

Also, I spotted some rust in the rear wheel wells.

If anyone is interested in this car I would really look it over carefully.

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In addition to Joe's comments (above), look at the alignment of the tail light housings - especially the left side, in comparison to the bumper. It seems there may have been rear end collision repair work - somewhat concerning in an early Uni-Body car.


That Slant-Six and Torqque-Flyte trans could be a bullet-proof combination in my experience - spirited enough for fun driving without the need to rip up the pavement, and torsion bar front suspension made these a better handling car than one might expect for a compact of this era. Back in the day, my '60 and '64 Valiant V-200s proved it, and among our former collectibles, Dale's '66 Dodge Dart GT convertible was outstanding until it was rear-ended, repaired, enjoyed once again, and later T-Boned b y a new Buick


The wheels may be a "Rallye" version from a later year-


And what's with the windshield wipers?

One UP

One Down ??


Big crack(s) in steering wheel hub


The rust Joe noted in the wheelwell, at the lip, indicates that it is probably not just a recent quickie respray for a flip,

and if one is looking for a fun, cheap toy with out concern for detail, this could be a moderate entry.


The $8K price seems somewhat reasonable, and may even be negotiable

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