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Identifying Center (Drag) Link 715 1965 Buick?

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I finally got under my 1965 Electra to find out why it wanders when driving. I found a bad drag link, so I went upstairs and grabbed my spare I bought many years ago....and it's not the same.

Here's a photo of my current drag link and the new one that is marked 715. I looked up Mood DS715 and could not find a photo or listing. I'm thinking the new one is for a LeSabre and not my Electra?

I'd like to put it up for sale but I'm not 100% convinced it's for a  65 LeSabre


So close. But not close enough.

Any way to figure out what the new one fits? Here are some photos and description.

Tie rod to Tie rod hole = 19.0625

Stud to Stud = approx 28

Overall length 29.50

shaft .870

Has 715 printed on the shaft in yellow.









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Buick had two steering setups: Saginaw and Thompson.  Maybe you got the center link for the other one.  The Electra should have Saginaw.  What does your idler arm look like?  Another clue: if you have the original tie rod ends, there may be a big stylized S stamped into the cover if you have the Saginaw linkage.


You might also have the one for a 65 Le Sabre with manual steering.  If the parts guy thought all 65 full size were the same (they're not), no telling what you got. 

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