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WTB Chrome trim for 1966 Buick Wildcat Electra LeSabre


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I'm looking for 1966 Wildcat/Electra/LeSabre front fenders eyebrows L trim, front fenders wheelhouse lip moldings.

Wildcat/LeSabre quarter panels extensions L trim

Wildcat taillight panel molding

Thanks for help 🙂


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It's Wildcat 2dr coupe.

Front fenders eyebrow trim and wheel opening moldings are the same for LeSabre, Wildcat and Electra.


I'm looking for these eyebrows trim, front wheel opening moldings, Wildcat grille, Wildcat/Electra corner lights lenses, Wildcat taillight panel molding, Wildcat/LeSabre quarter panels extensions trim, 2dr coupe Wildcat/LeSabre vinyl top moldings, W-I-L-D-C-A-T quarter panels letters, Wildcat hood ornament.



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