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1949 Packard 8 Touring Sedan - $12700 - Lakeway, TX - Not Mine

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1949 Packard 8 23rd Series Touring Sedan - $12700 - Lakeway, TX 


1949 Packard 23rd Series Touring Sedan. Restored car, rebuilt inline 8 cylinder engine. Perfectly working overdrive lets you run at reduced engine speeds. A comfortable, quiet, very nice highway cruiser. Base-coat/clearcoat paint for good sheen, low maintenance. New chrome, Coker radial www tires. A really good buy at this condition and price.

Contact: Norman (512) six-5-7-four-4-six-8

Copy and paste in your email: 62f2077cc60f37b9a7b440ed610e597b@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1949 Packard 8 Touring Sedan.  

Note: 23rd Series Packards  comprise both 1949 and 1950 model years, are essentially continuations of the 22nd Series, the 23rd Series is easily identified by the mid-level side trim and oval taillights.   Packard clubs, parts and technical advice and on-line support is excellent should you decide to become 'the man who owns one'.

'49 Packard Eight 23rd TX a.jpg

'49 Packard Eight 23rd TX b.jpg

'49 Packard Eight 23rd TX c.jpg

'49 Packard Eight 23rd TX d.jpg

'49 Packard Eight 23rd TX e.jpg

'49 Packard Eight 23rd TX f.jpg

'49 Packard Eight 23rd TX g.jpg

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Despite the fact that they were not well received style wise when new, these are now artifacts of a different age. In that since they’re not completely unattractive. Compare this to the 2 tone green Pontiac recently on here.  There is just a lot of value in the old car hobby right now. You just need to pick 1-3 cars and enjoy the hobby. I got out in December but it’s tough.  

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11 hours ago, 58L-Y8 said:

Contact: Norman "show phone number' returns an error message for me, try it yourself if interested in this Packard.


I get the same error message when I click to 

reveal the phone number in the Craig's List ad.

Do others?  What causes that--do I need an

updated operating system, or is it CL's problem?

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I wonder if the sale of this Packard comes with the screwdriver that stuck in the top of the trunk lining. Including an air filter on the carburetor would probably be a good idea. Apart from these observations, I'd love to have it but for the room to keep it.

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