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Vintage John Deere Parts?


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Sorry folks, I know this forum is for motor vehicle parts, but I've had a pair of old brackets for decades, and I can't bear to throw them away (someone may really need them?)  Does anyone know what these old farm implement parts are? If I knew the name or description of these parts, I MIGHT be able to find out more about them. The green color looks John Deere, and there is a raised cast-in symbol on them, which looks like a "J" and a "D" morphed together. If not, would someone be kind enough to steer me in the right direction to get some help? 

I THINK that "date code" is "C 6 N." (I THINK it's a date code?)  Sorry about the poor quality photo. The "JD" symbol is below that 3-digit code. 


I hate to join a John Deere online forum, only to ID this one pair of parts...doesn't seem fair to the forum. Suggestions? 


ANY help you can offer will be deeply appreciated. 

John Deere parts 1 LO REZ.jpg

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People get on this forum just to identify parts so they can sell them. Don't fell bad about joining a John Deere site to do the same thing. You can unsubscribe afterwards.

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