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Vacuum Splash Engine Oiling

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Will someone please enlighten me how this Vacuum Splash system (or lack of system??) works??

Saxon introductory pieces (Automobile Trade Journal Jan to March 1914) state "...whereby oil is circulated and held at a constant level without a single moving part..."

Ads later added "...thereby ensuring the utmost simplicity and economy through elimination of the oil pump and its connections..."..

The engine is the superlight? Cont'l "0", described as specially designed by Saxon but built by Cont'l,, weight radically?? shaved to power the light car with the 25/8 x 4 version (there are two other versions of the "0")...

One of the other versions was described as 23/4 x41/2 in a related piece, but one of my catalogs describes it as 23/4x4. I haven't pursued that question.


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No ideas??  We'll assume it was just period advertispeak..

My curiosity piqued by post of Saxon owner who drained oil, got about two quarts out, put two quarts in and it was coming out of the top petcock. Granted, it's a small engine, but two quart capacity just sounded short...

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