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Fuel Pump Sending unit

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Just bought a used fuel pump sending unit from Jim that fits the coupes [not a convertible]. These units are no longer available from GM.Turned out I didn't need it so I have it for sale.

 Paid $135.00 delivered to me, make offer.


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On 7/10/2020 at 8:07 AM, Barney Eaton said:

The tank unit varies ..... a coupe unit will not interchange with a convertible........you need to be specific

Never thought to ask until now. What is the difference between the sending units for the coupe to the convertible?


 Did a search and found out that because GM put the fuel filter towards the back on the convertible the lines on the sending unit are a different length. And of course convertible sending units are obsolete.

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I don't know exactly why they are different.    It may have something to do with the convertible having extra bracing in the lower firewall area.  The coupe fuel filter is

in the area near the drivers feet.   So with extra bracing maybe they were forced to move the convertible fuel filter to the rear.    Bottom line the three lines that come

out of the tank are different lengths between the coupe and convertible.    Jim and Marck and maybe others can also verify there were differences between years of coupes.....seem to remember some had steel lines and others had plastic lines with different connectors.

The encouraging news.... the parts inside the tank are the same.  In fact several other GM vehicles used the same parts inside the tank... Riviera, Eldorado and Seville are some that you can salvage parts from if you lines outside the tank are in good condition.

Living in the south it is easy to forget that steel parts tend to rust up north.

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I need an internal in tank sender, one with bad external lines to repair another unit, pump not needed. Anyone have the sender/float/mount unit ? Does not matter which tank.

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Padgett,  if you can find a Riviera, Eldorado, Seville in the 1986-1993 range, it will have the parts you need.

Several things can happen.........the resistance winding can be "open"  and you can take that from any of the above.

The gas gage unit inside the tank is not intended to be repaired.   the plastic housing is heat staked to the metal bracket.

cut that loose and you can replace any of the needed parts....then using small screws for plastic,  install them where the heat stake was.

attached are some photos.

The orange colored first picture is the "wiper" that contacts the resistance winding...it is very fragile ..the long end contacts the winding and the

2 small finger go to ground.    those are the common problems.


winding  II.JPG

gas 3.jpg

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