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Buick Wonderbar radio - help me ID this

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I know nothing except the guy I bought my 64 from included this in the sale and I have cleaned it up and am going to EBay it or whatever.


Is this for a 64? Does the serial number tell us anything? Hopefully it works, I haven’t tried it, just cleaned it up.






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It will work without it.  I only used the foot switch on my 63 a couple of times.  Once, when I was coaching sophomore softball at East High School, we had a sudden downpour.  Some girls had their own cars and left.  I piled about 5 into the Riviera to wait out the storm.  I told the girls that if they would snap their fingers while pointing at the radio, it would change channels.  They thought that was the coolest thing.  Little did they know.  Unbeknownst to them, they about wore out my left foot under the brake pedal. 

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If only I had been 18 and single instead of 42 and married, it might have been a little different. I had my own girls in high school around then as well.  I was more concerned about getting the leather seats dried out than anything else.

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Ed, those nice white leather seats, very nice!


Rich, I squinted on that 1 image of yours to try and make out the model number - Delco 980657?

Yep, my SAMS PhotoFact #25 has it for 1964 9 transistor AM Radio.

All Delco radios starting with '9' during that era are for Buick.

If it's too far gone, would be perfect for an Aurora Design conversion with that Seeking Bar. +$500 but the best!

It would fetch a core price as is.

For a Dealer:


My '63 WonderBar is a model Delco 980463 but looks the same.


John B.

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