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1931 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet - $75000 - Essex, VT -Not Mine

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1931 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet - $75000 - Essex, VT


For sale: Absolutely gorgeous and extremely and stunning rare 1931 Auburn 8-98a Cabriolet with rumble seat, made in Auburn, Indiana. The 8-98 was like a Corvette of its time with the powerful straight 8 Lycoming engine. This car is in amazing condition with a recent (documented) engine rebuild and newly installed leather interior. I have enjoyed this car a great deal over the past several years, and now it's time to try something different. This car is a CCCA Full Classic ready to enjoy. Serious offers considered.

Contact: no phone listed

Copy and paste in your email: e3ee0b189c95350f99baab7066bde4ef@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1931 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet.

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT a.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT aa.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT aaa.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT b.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT c.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT d.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT e.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT f.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT g.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT h.jpg

'31 Auburn 8-98A cabriolet VT i.jpg

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18 minutes ago, 58L-Y8 said:

Artillery wheels maybe?  Wires go with convertibles usually.  Chromed artillery wheels were optional from a few carmakers at the time.  Auburn experts will have to weigh in. 

Ahh, quick thought on wheels.  Personally I don't dislike these with WWW, wires would work well with BW, especially chrome if correct. 


AJ, Ed would know better but it seems spot on price wise?  Much nicer than same model at Hershey a couple years back at $55k.   

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1 hour ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

Much nicer than same model at Hershey a couple years back at $55k.   

I agree.  I met the owner of this car a couple of years ago when he came to look at my Cord.  Seems like a nice car and what I would consider reasonably priced. There is another similar cabriolet in the latest ACD newsletter with fresh engine for 75,000.  Probably similar or maybe one step down condition from this as it was stated to be an older restoration.  I don't care for the interior color but someone else appears to have thought it was a deal and bought it.  I think he has had it possibly for sale for a year now.  I think I have seen it advertised somewhere else before.

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