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Was Fan Spacer Required on 1950 320 engine?

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I purchased a 1950 320 engine without pulley or radiator fan to install in my '49 76S.  I was planning on just using the fan and pulley from the original 1949 320 engine. The old pulley fits on the '50, which is on a stand,  but I can't check the fan clearance for a couple of weeks.   Does the 1950 engine require a spacer between pulley and fan like a 1951 320 engine uses?  If so, anyone have a source for the spacer?

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I'm not exactly sure how to read this.  Is this saying that the spacer 1338263 fits ALL series for the years 1950 thru 1952, and then in 1953 series 40 and 50 only, and then 1954 series 40, 50 and 60?  So that implies that on the Roadmaster series 70 320 engine, it would only come into play in 1950 thru 1952.


Or is it saying  it fits 1950 thru 1952 and 1953 series 40 and 50, etc, implying that it fits only  series 40 and 50 for those 4 years, and would not come into play at all for the series 70 320?



I'm leaning toward the first interpretation because of the semi colon.





Buick farm seems to carry this spacer, and it indicates it's for all 1950-55 w/o power steering.



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