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Chrysler Model ?

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No expert, but it can't be an Imperial.  To me, as a long ago owner of 28-29 Ply, DeS cars...it looks like the smaller Chrysler like perhaps a Model 65?, but the grooved bumpers are grooved like the 28 Q Plymouth had for just one year.


Keiser will know for sure.    There should be a month day year casting date down low on the block if the car can be looked at in person

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Series 65 Touring with correct for USA horizontally split windshield (should be chromed, but they rusted badly) and inverted front bumper. Officially 71 made, I have had 1,5 and suspect the numbers are higher as I have collected modern day pictures of at least 10 cars.Here are some, they are all slightly different.



29 Chry S65 Touring ukjent fin.jpg

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