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This question is mirrored on the FB Franklin site:


  1. How do the transmission lock balls fit in the case's cover? Are they facing the chamfered side of the guide rods? (So one would insert a lock ball,then the rods, then the second lock ball, again facing the chamfer on the second rod, then the plug. (I'm asking because, of course, I forgot to look when disassembling.
    Or is there some arrangement that works with the milled slot on the opposite side of the chamfer?
  2. I'm assuming these "lock" balls have nothing to do with the keyed locking system on the shifter.
  3. Does anyone have a Corbin F103 key or copy? Or know where to get one.
Thanks in advance for any information.
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Copied from Facebook...


 I do not have an F103 key among my stash of new original Corbin keys. 

But I do have some new original Corbin blanks, and know of a local locksmith that can cut them to the Corbin pattern.

Here are the keys I do have


Chuck - correct - the interlock balls have nothing to do with the lock mechanism on the gearshift lever.

I'll have to have a look at my dismantled gearbox, but I'm pretty sure you put in a rod, then both balls, and then the other rod. The balls are intended so that you can only move 1 rod from the neutral position at a time.




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