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Judging update for Allentown!

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Are you feeling depressed due to Covid-19?  AACA has just the medicine for you!  Please join us for the 2020 Grand National Members Only show at the beautiful NB Center for American Automotive Heritage at Allentown, Pa August 21-22.  We will be following medical and governmental guidelines so procedures will be a bit different but the fun and excitement of a Grand National will still be the same.

The Zenith Award evaluation will be done in a special tent on Friday and is always a highlight of a Grand National.  An advanced GN focused Judging School will be held in a tent on Friday as well.  Continuing Judging CJE sessions are not a part of a Grand National but a Team Captain CJE will be done as usual on Saturday morning. 

Masking will be required as will social distancing.  Everybody will need to sign a liability waiver for the NB Center and at this point we are unsure if temperature testing will be required by the NB Center. 

Judges!  With 515 vehicles already registered, we need you.!  There will not be a Judge’s breakfast as normal but there will be a 9am check-in with team assembly at 9:30 and judging start at 10am.  Awards will be presented on the field in lieu of a banquet.

But the key thing is that AACA is alive and well.  Join us an have fun with our hobby.  The procedures we develop at the GN will be used at the upcoming Hershey Show in October.  See you in Allentown!


Chuck Crane, VP Judging


We anticipate that early this week we will send out a detailed email about procedures in place for our next two events.  The will first go out by email, be posted here and sent out in a modified Judges Newsletter.  They are under review at this moment.

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To Our Judging Community,

After much discussion and over a considerable amount of time, AACA is able to give you a little insight into how we are going to try and operate during this pandemic and our next two car shows.  This has not been easy as there are so many factors to consider.  Most importantly, we wanted to ensure that we were being careful in protecting our judges and car owners.  Nothing is more important than your health but we also recognize many of you felt we needed to find a way to continue with our events. 

As you may know, Congress has to this point failed to provide a guideline regarding immunity from litigation arising from various issues associated with the virus. Both venues, Allentown and Hershey, are controlled by entities that are independent of us and we have no control over their mandates. They each have concerns, thoughts, and requirements as well as legal advice to follow. In both cases we are bound to follow their wishes, and operate our events at their pleasure. This has been a changing landscape that has only recently begun to solidify. Both will need to approve our protocols. They are, however, unwavering in support of hosting these AACA National events.

So that being said, we need to make it clear as can be that our hosts for these two events, The NB Center for Automotive Heritage and Hershey Entertainment & Resorts along with the State of Pennsylvania will have the largest say-so in our final protocols.  As of this writing, we understand their requirements but have been put on notice that if there are changes made to ensure the public safety we will have to abide by them.

We have held off in giving out any specifics as the landscape has changed so rapidly in Pennsylvania.  We did not feel it in anyone’s best interest to constantly send out changes but now we feel confident that some of our procedures are cast in stone so as such please read below:

1.       We will have a judging school with social distancing and masks at our next two events.  We   expect them to take place outdoors.  Allentown will be the Advanced School only.

2.       There will NOT be a judge’s breakfast at either shows.  Judges will check in at 9 A.M. and meet their team Captain at 9:30 AM. Refunds for previously paid breakfasts will be made.

3.       Naturally there are no CJE’s at a Grand National but Chuck Crane will do a special team captain’s CJE at Allentown.  We will have CJE’s at Hershey, again outside.

4.       Most likely, judging teams will be four person instead of the traditional 5.  Masks will either be strongly encouraged or mandated depending on circumstances at the time.  AACA is planning on providing special AACA logo masks for judges and admin personnel.

5.       Owners will be instructed to keep windows DOWN to make it easier and safer for interior judges and owners.

6.       Limits on cars for these two events have been reduced to provide for greater social distancing.

7.       Our judges’ administration team will also receive masks, social distance, hand sanitizer and follow other procedures to protect them.

8.       At Allentown there will be no public admittance to the show.  Only current AACA members are allowed.

9.       Hershey, which will be open to the public with some limitations, will have the usual number of restrooms provided and they will be sanitized throughout the day.  We will have multiple handwashing stations and sanitizing “trees” throughout the property. We are still working on facilities for Allentown.

10.   In Allentown everyone will have to sign a waiver of liability for The NB Center.  We also anticipate that no-touch temperature taking may be another requirement.

11.   There will not be a formal awards dinner or BBQ at either event.  Approximately at 3:30 P.M. we will awards trophies on the show field.  Trophies will remain in boxes for your convenience in traveling and for safety.  While winners will be congratulated the usual hand shaking and hugs will be dispensed.

As you can see, there has been a lot to consider and many opinions to be listened to as we have worked towards finding a safe solution to holding our events.  Naturally, each of you have to make a decision based upon your personal safety concerns as the responsibility ultimately lies with you.

As of this writing Allentown is approaching the limit of 600 cars.  We do need our judges and hope that you can join us and be a part of these two historic shows in AACA.  For those that can make it we are deeply indebted to you!  To those that feel it in their best interest to not attend we thank you for your consideration and hope to see you in 2021.


Please register online...there is a $1.00 charge as we do not have a no charge option.


Antique Automobile Club of America

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Your choice John and we respect that but this is a no touch temperature taking which they are using virtually every where.  It is just passed over your forehead and does not touch you!  It is not a medical "procedure".  We do this every day here at our office to ensure the safety of each other and others we come into contact with.  Small price to pay for the public's health!  It is being done at the Hershey plants, done at Hersheypark , among numerous other places here locally.  I have had this done to me at over a dozen places this past month.  


We hope to have a great show and are almost at capacity.  It will be different and not always convenient for everyone but we will do all in our power to protect our members at this show.

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