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Overland 1909 with Two Speed planetair system


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Hello I'm the owner of an Overland 1909 and  I have problems with teh Two Speed planetaire gearbox

Fists gear is working but in second the gear is slipping and reverse has the same problem

I have removed the cover on top of that gearbox  There is oil in and the brake material looks great

I have not a technical book or other info abouth this gearbox

Can someone help me ??


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Overland used a 2 speed planetary transmission, meaning you have a pedal to push down to engage low gear. After the car is moving along let the pedal out slowly to engage high gear. If once the high gear is engaged and you accelerate and notice it slipping there is an adjustment to engage high gear. If there is no adjustment left you will need to replace the clutch spring. 


I would think the AACA Library would have an owners/instruction manual for a 2 speed planetary, 1909 Overland.


Good Luck



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You also might ask on the Willys-Overland-Knight Registry forum page.  -   www.wokr.org

There are many fine people who are knowledgeable in the early Overlands who are members of WOKR.

If you register at the site, you will have access to the public forum etc.


If you formally join WOKR you would also have access to the Members' Forum and a roster of other WOKR members' cars and contact info.


Good Luck,



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I rebuilt one of those pieces of #@&!(*$) some 30 years ago, very cute car, awful design on the gearbox. There is an adjustment for the 2nd gear, its on the yoke that actuates it.  By loosening a bolt you can thread it in a little & try it again. DO NOT get it too tight, it will put undue stresses on the pins that hold the high speed clutch discs.  Those pins are tubular, and only pressed into the rear of the low drum casting, with absolutely no support on their outer end. AWFUL! Reverse as I recall had a band adjustment but I don't remember where it was located, probably on the outside of the housing with a lock nut. 

On the one I did, all those hollow pins were all bent & cracked, I replaced them with solid ones, still not great. The aluminum casting between the trans & rear axle had cracked & allowed movement, ruining the ring & pinion gear. Had to make a new casting and new gears. Anything that could have worn was so bad that many of the other internal components had to be re-made, it was a multi year project, but finally got it all done and ready to install in the car. The sad part was the owner passed on a decade or so later without ever installing it, or finishing the project.  

Good Luck


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