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Pulling 1925 Dodge Brothers engine and transmission

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I am getting ready to pull my engine and transmission from my 1925 Touring ( the body is off already). I am curious what the best way to do this is. I am guessing drop the rear end and then try to work the engine and transmission backwards.  Is it easier to pull the transmission first and then the engine?  I am looking for advice from anyone that has done this before.




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Hi Adam,

The gearbox needs to come out first so drop the rear spring shackle bolts out to allow the rear axle to move back. Slide the drive shaft out of the rear of the gearbox.

Remove the radiator.

Support the engine and remove the gear box. Remove the frame supporting the engine and the gearbox at the rear. Reomove the front cover from the engine to allow removal of the front engine mount from the chassis.




With the body off you could remove the engine and gearbox complete with rear engine frame in one I think once the front mount is removed.




The purchase of a Dodge Brothers Operation Manual is a very necessary, helpful first step. 


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