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1955 CHRYSLER Windsor Hubcaps. A Set from a 17,000 Mile Car.

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FIRST OFF: It's really hard to take photos of shiny hubcaps. Please disregard all of the reflections you see in my pictures. These are not dents or blemishes, but rather are reflections of me and the trees around where I was taking these photos.


I'm selling a set of FIVE very nice 1955 Chrysler Windsor hubcaps. I personally removed four of these from a 17,000 mile Windsor convertible in 1978. These four are very nice....although I can't call them "perfect". The fifth hubcap will make a good spare. It is very presentable, but not quite as nice as the other four.


These '55 Chrysler Windsor hubcaps have been stored inside for over 40 years. They are in much better condition than most of the 65-year-old hubcaps showing up at swap meets these days.


The price is $130 for the set of five, plus shipping.

056 (900x664).jpg

058 (900x835).jpg

072 (900x882).jpg

077 (900x810).jpg

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