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1924 buick from HCCA site

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Since I have been searching for an early 20s touring car, I have sent alot of emails to sellers and have seen alot of photos. This buick is for sale on the HCCA site and I reached out to the seller. I have decided that it is not the car for me but I want to help Dale as much as I can by sharing the photos he sent. He is not very good at working with photos and the internet but he has what could be a great car. Someone should buy it. I think it will need a new top right away. It is supposed to have a rebuilt engine and other significant work but it was done by the previous owner. Dale would love to find it a good home. 


Here is the link for the HCCA site:


Here is his phone number





IMG_1538 (1).JPG



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1 hour ago, B Jake Moran said:

A good home at what price?  



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I ‘hid’ my earlier post on this thread because I didn’t think it was helpful, but Linus is right — someone should buy it.
Knowing first hand the cost of an engine rebuild on one of these AND a new radiator, someone would end up with money in his pocket with this car as opposed to the way I went about it with a very similar one.

A small investment in new oil pan gaskets and and afternoon with that off should satisfy any questions there.

It’s a 7-passenger too....


Ben P.


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That still is a good price for the 7 passenger model. I paid 1/3 of that for my like condition 1925-45 because the top had been replaced in 1980 when it was also reupholstered and was still serviceable. Quoted at over $5,000 to replace. There were some questions as to the engine since the seller indicated that his dad "rebuilt" the engine. I believe he and his brothers at the tractor repair garage gave it an overhaul. Took up the bearings, hone the cylinders, new rings and did a valve job. The photo of the engine above shows the water outlet tube. It looks like how I repaired my leaky one with the High temp sealer tape.

 27donB has had a new reproduction water tube made for his 1924 6 Cyl. I sent him the old tube from my car to use as a pattern.

 I now have the SS one from overseas. Dimensions are off on this one but Don said his new repro fits like a glove!


 With the NEW? honeycomb, re-plated shell, front end, brakes and tires tubes and flaps etc. make this car a good buy. Quite a bit of value.

 So far I have had to attend to brakes, radiator, timing gear, pitman arm, re-wiring and rebuilt switch. I still need to rebuild the water pump. Always something.

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Jake :

 It is a 1924 Model 49  7 passenger touring car.

 Almost identical 1925 version from Catalog. Variations being; Blue lacquer paint. rear of top finished differently and 22" balloon tires.


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