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AC Compressor for '67?


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Replacing the compressor in my '67.

I don't know if my old one is original.

Would someone please tell me the specific '67 part # so I can find and match the correct decal?

The internet shows many decal variants for '67.


Thanks so much.

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I've never seen a repop decal that matched the originals exactly but I haven't looked at them for a few years. They are close though and most would never know the difference. Here is a pic of an original 67 decal


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16 hours ago, Vintage_barry said:

Anyone have a good source for a replacement a/c compressor?  or a rebuild for an original unit? 


Previous posts here have highly praised the ones produced by Alma.

But they are on back order due to the pandemic.


You must get them thru retailers such as this one by me:


3611 NW 27th Ave Ocala, FL 34475       352-509-3281



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