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1962 Lesabre wheel spacers

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So I bought a set of Rallye wheel (1971+). The center hub diameter needs to be 3 1/2". These won't fit without some kind of spacer behind the rims. I can't seem to find the right spacers. The rims are in nice shape and I'd like to use them but it seems like this is getting ridiculous. Anyone have any resources for wheel spacer that will work? 





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Do a Google search for "wheel spacers"  and you will find lots of sources.

First you need to know what you need/want.

I believe the LeSabre is a 5 in bolt circle.   

You need to know how thick you want to go.   You may only need 1/4 inch to clear the hub ring....but it might take 3/8 in.

I would not go to 1/2 in unless you cannot find the smaller spacers. 

If the LeSabre has studs they need to be long enough to take the spacer and still fully engage the lug nut.

Same if that year LeSabre has wheel bolts...

This is a generic answer because I am no expert on your year LeSabre and no one else seems to have an opinion.

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What wheels did you purchase?  What model year?  Style?  As the term "rally wheel" can have many different meanings, depending upon WHICH "rally wheel" is being talked about.  Pictures and which vehicle you desire to install them on?


You'll also need to know the wheel stud diameter, too, rather than just the bolt circle of the studs.


ALSO be cognizant that any "SPACER" will also move the wheel outboard by the thickness of the spacer, which can negatively affect wheel/tire/body interface situations!


Back in the late '60s, I mentioned using a wheel spacer to a friend.  He immediately said that "They can be trouble.  The wheel nuts might be tight, but what about the nuts that hold the spacer to the brake drum?  BEST to not need to use spacers at all."  I considered that sage advice, then and now.  Especially with the large proliferations of custom/repro wheels now available, new or used.


The OTHER thing is that with the wheel/tire spaced farther out from the wheel bearings, they can increase the "lever-arm" loadings of the bearings.  Not to say that any failures would specifically occur, but they might happen sooner than otherwise might planned for.  FWIW


In a steel wheel, the opening in the middle of the wheel, which indexes with the "ring" on the rear axle shaft is termed "register".  Similar with where the front wheel indexes onto the front hub, too.


Just some thoughts and observations,


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Thanks for the responses guys. I absolutely did a Google search on wheel spacers. Guess how many responses I got? I can tell you that none of them were helpful. I did find that there are a small handful of companies that make wheel spacers. There is a multitude of companies that re-sell them. I went to the top couple of spacer manufactures and was not able to find any relevant information. They also didn't respond to emails or answer their phones. Probably some of this is due to the pandemic and people are working from home or furloughed. 


As I said before these are the 71+ Rallye wheels intended for a 62 Lesabre. This means they are 15X6 with a 5x5 bolt pattern (895 series). The issue is that these have a hub diameter of 3", whereas the 62 Buick has a hub diameter of 3-1/2" . They have backspacing of 1/2" more than previous versions, which is why I am thinking I could just get a 1/2" spacer and be done with it. But it needs to have 3-1/2" diameter opening or it won't go over the hub. These are not hub-centric wheels, they are "lug-centric" wheels". 

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Look for 5 on 5 to 5 on 5 adapters not spacers.  This way you'll recover the backspacing and your wheel studs will be the correct length.  


Found these on Ebay. Four for around $80. The ones I found were 1" thick.  




Use you OE lug nuts to install the adapter. Then find some 60° conical acorn nuts with the correct TPI to mount the wheels.  


What do you intend to do about center caps.  I modified a set of 66 - 70 cones with some cheap  Chinese Buick emblems for my Roadmaster wagon on which I have some 895 rally wheels.  I had a choice of silver on black or red/ white/ blue on black.



Check the website Buickcenters.com for Mitch Romanoski's center caps and emblems.  Mix and match his caps with his clips to get a good fit.  I had to get new clips to mate these centers with the 895 wheels.





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those rally wheels i thought had a reducing ring in the center on the back and people used to cut the ring out and it would fit the larger hub.

again not sure and don't remember what year the rally wheels were from but check it out.


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That is correct. In my ignorance, I asked the seller if there were register rings. He said "no" and I took it to mean I was buying the 64 wheels. So, maybe a follow on question. If I get a set of wheels and remove the register rings, they should work on my 62, right? 

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You can ask them for customizable wheel spacers!

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